How many people are there in a syndicate?

We offer 1/12th share and quarter share syndicates but we can be flexible. If for example, six people came to us and wanted to be in a syndicate of their own, we could arrange that for them.

How long will the syndicate run for?

The syndicates usually run for two seasons, as a two-year-old and a three-year-old.  However, we are always open to being flexible.

Where do the horses run?

There are 60 racecourses in England, Scotland and Wales and we run our horses where the trainer thinks most suitable for that particular horse and at that particular time.

Do the horses run abroad?

If the horse was good enough and the prize money on offer warranted it, yes, we would consider running abroad. There are additional costs but these would come out of owners already won prize money and/or horse sale proceeds.

Are the horses insured?

Insurance is covered in the cost for the first season.  However, a racehorse can only be insured against mortality (either if it dies or has to be put down on veterinary advice). Insurance does not cover injury, so if you wish to insure for the second season, please be aware of the above.

Do I have to pay to see my horse run?

No, as an owner with Solario Racing, you receive two free owners badges to the races every time your horse runs (with the possible exception of Royal Ascot and Glorious Goodwood). This entitles you to go into the paddock with your fellow owners and trainer and to meet the jockey.

Due to the restrictions laid down at very high profile meetings such as Royal Ascot and Glorious Goodwood, we cannot guarantee two owners badges. However, we will endeavour to secure at least one owners badge and one members badge where possible.

Who trains the horses?

Solario Racing currently has its horses in training with Dean Ivory, the south-east counties’ leading flat trainer based in Buckinghamshire with 115 acres of fabulous, private training facilities.

When can I visit the stables?

Dean Ivory has a very open house policy and you can see your horse on the gallops either during the week or on a Saturday. (Sunday is traditionally a day when very few horses are on the gallops). Solario Racing will endeavour to have someone at the stables to look after you when you do visit the yard.

Do I have to pay additional vet’s bills if the horse is injured?

No. Your share price covers all-inclusive training fees – ie gallops fees, veterinary bills, farrier’s fees, transport, race entries, jockey fees and all syndicate set-up/administration costs.

When do I receive my prize money?

Owners prize money will be distributed on a quarterly basis.

How do I find out about race entries, the horse’s progress and news at Solario Racing?

We inform owners about running plans and how their horse is progressing via a combination of email, text, personal phone calls and the web site. There is a password protected Owners Area on the website which will keep you informed of all the Solario Racing horses in training.  We may even tip you the odd winner!

What happens at the end of the syndicate?

The horses are usually sold at the Tattersalls Horses in Training Sale at end of October. However, if all owners wished to continue for another season and Solario Racing felt this would be of benefit to the owners, we would welcome the horse staying in training for another year.

We do operate a flexible approach. So, if for example in a 1/12th share syndicate, only one owner wanted to sell, the horse could go to the sales and be bought back by the other eleven. The horse would then be in 1/11th shares for the next season.

If the horse is sold, owners receive their proportion of the sale proceeds, usually 4-6 weeks after the sale.

Is there a social side to Solario Racing?

Very much so. We will arrange various hospitality days at the stables for our owners which will be free. In addition, there will be days out at the races with Solario Racing, exclusively for our owners for which there will be a charge. Our web site will keep you informed and up-to-date regarding forthcoming hospitality events.

What sort of return can I expect on my investment?

We don’t really like to use the term investment as it implies there will be a profit. Racehorse ownership should be regarded as a fun, leisure activity or a hobby and any monies which come back to the owners through prize money and/or sale proceeds should be regarded as a bonus.

However, Solario Racing will endeavour to maximise the return using its expertise and experience in the bloodstock market and the racing industry. But there are no guarantees of profits!

Can I claim the VAT back even if I am not VAT registered?

Yes. VAT is reclaimable in full on shares in racehorses in accordance with sponsorship arrangements with the British Horseracing Authority. There is a very straightforward VAT form to complete which we will provide for you. You would normally receive the VAT back in 3-5 months of paying for your share.

Can I share the cost with friends?

Yes. Providing one person registers as the 1/12th or quarter share owner, if you wish to share your cost between family or friends, that is entirely up to you. However, we do stress that only two owners badges are given per shareholder when the horse runs and all communication regarding the horse will be with the named owner.

Is there a contract for me to sign?

There is a very straightforward agreement between you and Solario Racing LLP which is for the mutual benefit of you, the owner and Solario Racing.

I’d like to own my own horse. Can Solario Racing help me buy one and manage it for me?

Yes, Solario Racing can advise on purchasing a horse and will do the selecting, bidding and purchasing on your behalf. There will be a usual industry standard 5% commission for this service. If you required us to manage your horse’s training and deal with all the associated administration, there would be a nominal charge for this professional service.