New Indoor school nears completion

New Indoor School nears completion

DEAN IVORY has made a very good start to 2017 with three winners on the board from 18 runners with 50% in the first four but Dean, never one to rest on his laurels, is always looking to improve things.

The latest improvement to Harper Lodge Farm is the construction of an indoor school and it’s not far off completion!

There has been an excellent outdoor round trotting/cantering ring for many years, in which the horses have limbered up before going down to the gallops. However, as Dean said: “It’s not much fun for horses or riders at this time of year and an indoor school will be an excellent all-year round addition to the yard.”

Dean Ivory enjoyed his best ever season in 2016 for the fourth year in succession. The trainer is quietly confident 2017 could be the best yet…!